Ganesha Solutions offers customers the opportunity to successfully replace an internal IT department or a permanent employee at a lower cost. We provide IT maintenance for small, medium companies and - why not? - large and very large, thus taking over the costly task of maintaining a specialized staff and at the same time offering the best IT solutions.


Why opt for IT outsourcing?


  • Low costs: financially, IT outsourcing is more efficient than keeping a permanent employee. By outsourcing the internal IT department, is obtain a cost reduction of at least 30% .
  • Knowledge: when you use the expertise of such a provider you have the advantage of having access to a much larger amount of information and solutions;
  • Business Focus: Meeting problems in the IT department means wasting valuable business time. Using an outsourcing provider allows you to focus all your attention and concern on the desired activity, all worries about these issues being removed;
  • Risk management: thanks to IT expertise, any company can reduce the risk of losing important data, while at the same time, it ensures data security and confidentiality.


How do we work?

          Based on a monthly subscription, Ganesha Solutions can offer you optimal solutions for outsourcing the IT department and solving network problems. Before concluding a subscription, we offer free expertise by visiting your headquarters. After this expertise we can make exact recommendations and price quotations, depending on your needs.


The subscription offered by Ganesha Solutions includes the following benefits:


  • guaranteed response time;
  • on-site interventions whenever necessary;
  • remote / control or telephone support;
  • administration / configuration of hardware / software for computer systems;
  • Windows server configuration and administration;
  • network equipment management;
  • maintenance of peripheral equipment;
  • IT consulting for acquisition and development.


Subscriptions are individualized according to customer requirements. We are waiting for you for a personalized offer.


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