Ganesha Solutions provides service / repair, maintenance and upkeep to repair computer failures as well as other computer equipment (printers, routers, access points, servers, etc.) for both companies and individuals. This is done at the client's premises.


Ganesha Solutions offers the following services:


  • Identification of the  hardware for troubleshooting 
  • Windows operating system installation;
  • Driver and antivirus installation;
  • software installation and configuration;
  • identification and cleaning of viruses, adware, spyware, trojans;
  • router installation;
  • internet connection installation and configuration;
  • operating system optimization;
  • RAID installation and configuration;
  • Installing and configuring Windows servers;
  • etc


How do we work?

Hardware troubleshooting

  • Identifying the component with issue;
  • Changing the component with problems;
  • Testing the system in the new configuration.


Software troubleshooting

  • Operating system installation;
  • Operating system configuration and driver installation;
  • Antivirus installation and configuration;
  • System testing.


Contact us whenever you have problems with your laptop / computer, or want to reinstall or migrate it to another operating system.


+40 772 161 156





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