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Useful commands for the Run Command console - Windows 10


       I thought it would be nice to have an article about some useful commands given using the Run Command console. First of all, the Run Command console is a tool (a tool) with which we can quickly navigate through certain settings, applications, documents and even Windows functions. It is a simple way to work with windows, through which you can gain time, work speed and why not, professionalism.


Π      First of all, how to open the Run Command Console. Simple: type the windows Key + R 



       The result: a window will open in which you can enter the commands you need.



       Many times I prefer to use this way to open certain functions of windows 10. So I have collected several useful commands and I hope with all my heart to help you as it helps me. You will find these commands below:


winver - windows version details.

mrt - utility included in windows that scans the system for malware, antispyware.

wf.msc - opens the advanced option in the firewall, you can make internet access rules for a program.

msconfig - utilities for system configuration.

control - control panel.

control folders - open settings for folders.

control printers - opens the printer dialog box

regedit - edit system registers.

dxdiag - direct analysis utilityx.

devmgmt.msc - open device manager

services.msc - we have access to services installed in windows.

excel - open Microsoft Excel

mspaint - opens paint

notepad - opens Notepad

powerpnt - opens Microsoft PowerPoint

wmplayer - opens Windows Media Player

fsmgmt.msc - displays shared files / folders

lusrmgr.msc - opens users and groups

secpol.msc - security settings - Local Security Policy

wscui.cpl - open action center

sdclt - open settings for backup and restore.

recdisc - write cd bootable  - repair system.

timedate.cpl - open settings for clock  and data .

osk - activate keyboard virtual.

charmap - a list of all characters.

cleanmgr - cleaning disk. computer 

msinfo32 - system information

compmgmt.msc - computer management

eventvwr.msc - view events

gpedit.msc - display group rules (Local Group Policy editor)

perfmon.msc - displays system statistics / performance

rsop.msc - Resultant Set of Policy

mmc - Microsoft Management Console

rstrui - System restore


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